History - "Designer Show House 2018"

Originally the Yingling Mansion, the home was built in 1905 in Georgian Revival architectural style by Mr. Roswell G. Yingling. Mr. Yingling owned a successful business supplying Pittsburgh’s steel and masonry industries. 

Later, the property transitioned to the Wilkinsburg local hospital, Miller Convalescent Home, and finally the Gibbs Personal Care Home which was in operation until 2014. The home remained vacant until Nicole Santella, long time member of ASID and current Professional Development Director, purchased it in October 2016.

Today, the property is in the process of restoration to renew it to a single family dwelling and celebrate the integrity in which it was built. Many original details have been carefully salvaged and reconstructed with hand crafted elements to enrich the current day. 


The Property is located conveniently at the convergence point of 3 major streets within Wilkinsburg's transit oriented development grid, acting as a gateway from the business district to the residential corridor, with a bus stop at the main entrance. The bus stop located near the main entry is one of 28 east bus lines running through the borough. Additionally, a direct to downtown rapid transit busway is located only 2 blocks away.



Wilkinsburg is a community rich in history, architecture, and cultural diversity. The goal of this years "Designer Show House" at 1300 WOOD STREET is to strengthen connection between community members through opportunities to meet and share knowledge. With Wilkinsburg's conditional use approval, the property could serve to provide a unique, easily accessible, multi-generational gathering space. Community members will find spaces to gather, hold meetings, attend educational workshop , wellness activities, and build new relationships. Examples include: garden parties, farm to table dinners (featuring local chefs and spirit makers), CEU credit seminars for architectural and food study practice, and artisan workshops. The goal is to create spaces that are sustainable in their structure, ongoing in their growth, & forward thinking in their development. This property is viewed as an anchor property, serving as a catalyst for positive growth within the community and designed to aid rejuvenation of the Wilkinsburg area.


This house is the perfect opportunity for all ASID designers to come together as a group to showcase their designs and talents to bring this house back to its splendor. We as ASID have not had this community opportunity to promote our designers together for a long time. This year’s Designer Show House will be a project for professional designers to collaborate with each other or singularly design a room to benefit the community.

We are looking for sponsors to help with the costs of renovations and getting the home back to its glory. The home is currently heated with a gas fired boiler and original radiators, but a secondary source of heat is desired as well. There are fireplaces in almost every room that need to be re-plumbed and cleaned. Additional mechanicals including electric, lighting, automation, fire suppression, and plumbing are also in need of updating and / or repair. We are looking for designers, students, student mentors, product representatives, and all alike to come together and make this home glow with its full beautiful potential again!


Our sponsors and room awarded designers will have their names listed on the property in some form. This could be on a plaque on the front of the home, bricks along the garden path in the backyard, or on a decorative piece among the garden. There will be media coverage and the full story listed in print as well. Also, don't forget that you will be helping in revitalizing a once prosperous part of Pittsburgh!

The Junior League has committed to providing a venue for ASID to debut their professional talents. The Junior League, who will be staffing this project, donates the proceeds of this endeavor back to the community. They look forward to designer participation at the house during the reveal weeks.