5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Home Appliances

Did you just move into your home and need all new appliances? Or maybe you’re just replacing some that our outdated and old. Either way, our industry partner, Don’s Appliances, has the area’s largest appliance inventory. But before you make any purchasing decisions, it’s crucial to consider different factors.

Buying major home appliances is a major decision, and there’s a lot to consider before purchasing. Sure, It’s easy to get caught up in looks and functionality, but did you consider which brand to choose, what size is right for your space, or if the appliance requires any extras?

Not to worry. We compiled a list of things to consider when shopping for your next home appliance:


The expression “The bigger the better” might not always apply when it comes to home appliances. In theory, the largest refrigerator on the market may seem like the best idea because it can fit all of your groceries and then some. However, your kitchen may beg to differ. Larger appliances take up more space and may not work with your kitchen’s size or layout. Measure the space where the appliance will sit, and take into account all dimensions, including width, height, and depth. Also don't forget to account for handles. Refrigerator doors may not open fully if the handle hits the wall.


General Electric, Bosch, KitchenAid, Maytag. Do these names sound familiar? These brands, in addition to many others, have become household names over the years due to the quality of their products. If you're considering buying new home appliances, it’s important to do your research. Consider the brand’s quality, read reviews, and check to see if the appliance comes with a warranty.

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Set a budget before making selections. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of purchasing new appliances, especially the ones with all the bells and whistles. But if you set a budget before shopping, you can narrow down your choices, making it easier to select the appliances that are right for you and your needs.


Keep in mind that some appliances require extra equipment to function properly. For example, certain stoves and dryers require exhaust fans and vents to work effectively. If your laundry room is located upstairs, be conscious when selecting a washer. A powerful washer requires a strong floor that can handle the stress from the vibrations.


The number one rule in design is keeping it consistent. If your whole home is modern, you probably won’t want retro styled appliances. If you need help picking appliances that match your style, talk with an ASID Pa West expert. We can help guide you in the right direction, and make your kitchen dreams become a reality.

About Don’s Appliances:

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