A Letter From Former President Nancy Sakino Spears

ASID Pennsylvania West Chapter 2016-17

State of the Union Address

As I passed my gavel to in-coming president Kayla Benton on October 1, 2017, I looked proudly on what we as a Board have accomplished in a year of the biggest ASID paradigm shift in years. I extend a heartfelt thank you to all the Board, members, industry partners and students who gave their dedication, passion and leadership. Over the next several weeks we will begin recognizing our local ASID leaders with featured stories to inspire you. Many awardees you may know well, several you will get to know. Come and meet them in person, as we salute their efforts at our Awards luncheon on December 1, 2017 at the Duquesne Club.

We all can agree the world is rapidly changing all around us ~ environmental changes, natural disasters, technology advances and global commerce and fusion. It is clear, we need to focus on interior design to provide quality living. ASID has taken a proactive role to position our profession to lead the interior design industry. ASID has furnished research documentation to government leaders about the importance of interior design as a profession. For example, we know that we spend 80% of our lives inside. Our profession supports high academic standards, continuing education and professional testing (NCIDQ) as a benchmark for highly skilled interior designers who promote health and safety in interior design. Thanks to the efforts of the ASID national Board and Randy Fiser, our CEO, our new ASID headquarters reflects the highest energy and environmental standards- Platinum LEED.

This national ASID success has empowered the Pennsylvania West Chapter of ASID to share the "power and impact of interior design".


47 NEW Chapter Websites

Pennsylvania West has a new website with a consistent ASID image of our branding. Events are color coded to highlight national and PA West Chapter events. Check out our website for all the current information at: www.paw.asid.org


PRESIDENT –Kayla Benton president@paw.asid.org PRESIDENT-ELECT Erin Faith president-elect@paw.asid.org COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR- Molly Somner communications@paw.asid.org

FINANCE DIRECTOR –Lynn McDonough finance@paw.asid.org MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR- Amber Leddon membership@paw.asid.org AT LARGE DIRECTOR at-large@paw.asid.org

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR- Nicole Santella professionaldevelopment@paw.asid.org

STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE TO THE BOARD, Molly McGill studentrep@paw.asid.org





IT CHAPTER ADMINISTRATOR-Eric Miller administrator@paw.asid.org


Pennsylvania West hired a social media company in lieu of a part-time chapter administrator to promote the PA West Chapter. We selected with great confidence Cosmitto, formerly, Community Elf who worked daily with our Board to keep pace with the design community, in new and creative ways. Richard Porter and Kristin Antosz provided tremendous dedication to get our chapter up and running.

We distributed 2 email Eblasts per month to members, family and friends. We created new chapter accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest. If you are not registered, go to our website and click the icons in the top right header. This paradigm shift for PA West chapter has increased our professional branding and notoriety. We are rapidly gaining recognition in the design community.

Here are the up-to-date social statistics:

Social Media Impressions (cumulative):

Facebook: 659,869

Twitter: 41,600

Instagram: 3,089

LinkedIn: 7,274

Pinterest: 1,521

Based on the industry average, our newsletter open rate is 27% higher than

average and our click-rate is 200% higher than average.

530 newsletter subscribers; 29.7% avg. open rate, 4.3% avg. click rate


Pennsylvania West started the fiscal 2016 year with a complete Board. Training was provided in Minneapolis and San Diego for both 2016 and 2017 in-coming Boards, respectively. This was a first for our chapter in several years. This unity of the Board nomination slate and in-coming Board training was fostered by the leadership of Janet Yester Klosky. This has helped our Board to operate, create and align the chapter to meet the needs of 2017 and the future.


Student Affairs Chapter Chair~ Rowan Brosam holds a position to support student chapter’s needs.

One Voice ~ Desirae Pope holds a position to support legislation on a national and state level. Desirae met with legislators on Capitol Hill in February.

Emerging Professional Chair ~ Kyra Tucker holds a position to support students through their early design career, mentor programs and professional exam preparation (NCIDQ).

President Student’s Aide ~Molly McGill ,holds a position to support the Board president.

Chapter IT Administrator ~ Eric Miller, holds a position to support chapter technology for our website and mobile phone APP. This online APP of ASID names, telephone and emails has replaced the annual printed directory.


The Board visited all our regional interior design schools- Art Institute, Chatham, IUP, Mercyhurst and West Virginia. The Board reviewed student resumes and Student resume review and mock interview support.

Ruby sponsorship allowed more students to attend our holiday luncheon to meet professionals and secure internships.

A first annual student and designer network that promoted networking and mentoring was conducted at the Frick Museum.

IDLCPA PURE Bull Legislative Fund Raising with a Cowboy/Cowgirl theme. Lots of fun and lots of fund raising!

A new student design presentation “Office of the Future” was introduced into the Pittsburgh Home Show with students from Chatham University under the ASID leadership from Kyra Tucker. Watch for the 2018 Pittsburgh Home Garden Show when we showcase more of our regional interior design schools in a new program called ASID SPRING SPRUCE UP.

Introduced Milan Architect Guilio Cappellini on June 8, 2017 at the Le Mont with 110 guests in attendance. Mary Hunter, Ciro Monti of Haworth were instrumental in Guilio’s trip. Additional sponsorship by Jackie Koczko of Interface, Don’s Appliance, PPG, Karndean, House Trends, Pittsburgh Magazine and Bosch.

Guillio Cappellini event under the leadership of Margaret Ringel Baker, Cyndy Mosites, Nancy Drew, Mary Whitaker and Ellen Ankney.

Community Outreach to Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House and Sto-Rocks Community Center under the by ASID leadership of Erin Faith, Margaret Ringel Baker, Carolyn Vranesevic Beth Jodon and Jennifer Prevade. Our chapter raised $2,500 to support these charities through our holiday auction.

ASID Foundation was supported in a Night of Giving held on August 30 with industry partner Marla Adamchik and Randy Kania of Cosentino. Bennett Supply and House Trends. ASID leadership under Amber Leddon, Ashley Mikulan, Nancy Sudsina, Brad Yaksich, Lisa Carvajal, Shelbie Slade and Ashley Boegnik. This event is a tradition started to support ASID Foundation. This year a trip to Spain was raffled during a wine tasting event to 40 guests. The event raised $800 for ASID Foundation.


Pennsylvania West 2017 Sponsorship packages have been revised to calendar versus fiscal year. Our chapter complied with all corporate calendars of giving by going to a 12 month calendar. Secured online invoices for sponsorships with credit cards and facilitated corporate practices. Wayne Kingsland, of AF McGervey Accounting never missed a beat to guide our financial best practices.


Supported our professional colleagues in their events for legislation and student leadership. Networked with professional organizations such as AIA, Green Building Alliance (GBA), IDLCPA. IIDA, NEWH and NKBA.


Recognized community leader, Matthew Falcone of Preservation Pittsburgh at our Awards Luncheon for his dedication to Pittsburgh’s design community.

Created the William F. Slattery Student Merit Award to honor the legacy of long time design community family friend, Bill Slattery of House Trends who was an inspiration to all of us.

Created ”Best of the Best” a chapter awards for appreciation for ASID work over and beyond. Congratulations to: Lori Claus, Cyndy Mosites and Alicia Condie

“One’s to Watch” for the those who are changing the paradigm for ASID. Congratulations to: Rowan Brosam, Kyra Tucker and Cosmitto

President’s Citation’s Congratulations to Margaret Ringel Baker, Nicholas Hillebrand and Belinda Nuth Sloboda, Kayla Benton, Erin Faith, Melodie Schooley, Nancy Drew, Desirae Pope, Rob Karl, Wayne Kingsland and Office of the Future students.


Did you come to the annual Mingle Mingle gala? It was a Downton Abbey theme with vintage costumed guests. . This theme inspired party held on September 14, 2017 at a Shadyside mansion was attended by over 50 guests -at no charge!

Not a boring meeting, but a celebration of ASID.

Fran Colby, FASID and business owner of Cakes by Colby designed the delicious hat cake for the gala. Talented and creative- yes we are!


The Student Career Day in conjunction with the Trade Show was held on September 28, 2017 at the David Lawrence Convention Center. We had 80 students attend for a day of education, touring, networking with students, vendors, industry partners, sponsors and interior designers.

ASID leadership for the Student Career Day was provided by Lori Claus, Kyra Tucker, Rowan Brosam, Amber Leddon, Margaret Ringel Baker and Kayla Benton.


The ASID Trade Show was relocated to the David Lawrence Convention Center which is aligned with our ASID mission . a LEED example of energy and environmental excellence.

ASID leadership for the Trade Show was provided by Nick Hillebrand & Roberta Sparza of Don’s Appliance; Rob Karl, National Office Furniture; Dee Schlotter and Rosa Colucci’s team from PPG; Brad Yaksich, House Trends Magazine; Cindy Supan and Beth Jodon of Mont Granite; Jennifer Prevade and Lauren Pataky of Mohawk; Karen Wantland of Workspace Interiors OD, Rod Glover and Jim Hershman of Signature Kitchen Suite Collection; Jenna Tuttle of DL Couch; Shirley Grall-Schnebel of Officeplan, Paul Sarubbo of Janus et Cie and Heather Britt of Pittsburgh Magazine.

Yes, we know your head is spinning from a year of events that have inspired, stimulated, educated and provided networking opportunities galore, but…. the best is yet to come!

All the best,


Nancy Sakino Spears, MIA, Allied ASID

President, Pennsylvania West Chapter ASID

October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017