ASID Interior Design Billings Index (IDBI) - February 2021

Interior Design Business Performance Continues to Rise as 2021 Progresses (ASID Interior Design Billings Index results)

  • Billings near peak levels as inquiries and six-month outlook climb furtherBillings (present) index* rose to 61.1, the highest since May 2017 (62.3).
    • Inquiries (short-term future) index* increased 3.3 points to 60.4.
    • Both billings and inquiries indexes are above 60 for the first time since June 2017.
    • Six-month outlook (long-term future) at 69, the highest reading since November 2015 (70.6).
  • Concerns from COVID-19 ease, a score of 3.1 (1- No concern/Business as usual to 5 - High concern/Anxiety from disruption and unknown), the lowest average achieved since the question’s inception in March 2020. 
  • Business challenges continue with 46% of respondents indicating supply-chain logistics as top concern. 
    • While business is booming for interior designers, I worry about the supply chain of product and long lead times impacting us on a negative level.” – ASID IDBI Panelist

*Note: Any score above 50 represents expansion (i.e., growth) and below 50 represents contraction (i.e., decline).

Interior Design Billings Index (IDBI)