Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliance Color

Are you in the final stages of redesigning your kitchen, but have found yourself stuck on choosing the right appliance color for your space? Do you go with white, or maybe black, or even stainless steel? Not to worry! With a little help from the designers here at ASID Pa West, and our Sponsor Partner, Don’s Appliances, finding the right kitchen appliance color is made easy!

White Appliances

Although white appliances are the less popular choice, they do have a place in some kitchens. For instance, if your cabinetry is white, and you want your appliances to blend instead of stand out, then white appliances would be your best option. Or you could go the opposite route. If you have dark, bold color cabinetry, and want your appliances to contrast and pop, then white appliances could be the best option.

Black Appliances

Offering a higher-end look, black appliances are best fit for dark or stained cabinetry. Or, like white appliances, black appliances could be used for contrast. If you have light wood or painted cabinetry and want to make your appliances the focal point, black appliances will do the trick!

Stainless Steel

The most popular choice, stainless steel appliances, are considered to be the most versatile. Stainless steel appliances work with both dark and light cabinetry, and both contemporary and traditional styles.

One of the main concerns homeowners have when choosing stainless steel appliances is that they don’t know if they can use other metal finishes in the kitchen.

What’s the right answer? There is none! You can mix and match stainless steel appliances with bronze fixtures, if that’s your style! Think of stainless steel as a neutral color choice. You can use stainless steel appliances with steel fixtures, or you could mix and match - the choice is yours!

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