Farmhouse Style - Tips and Tricks to Remember

The farmhouse style has taken the interior design world by storm. With its modern approach to cabin-inspired design, the farmhouse style is a combination of distressed wood, upholstered linen, tons of space and a lot of natural lighting. You don’t have to live in a farmhouse for this style.You can achieve this look whether you live in big cities, small towns, or anywhere in between. Although this style is about the simple details, it’s the simple details you have to always remember when styling a home. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started on your farmhouse home.

Warm Wood

Wood is a must when going for the farmhouse style. Wood was used in farmhouse homes due to its plenitude and easy accessibility. When searching for your wood, don’t look for flawless pieces. In fact, look for the wood with imperfections. The more scratches and scuffs the wood has, the better the history. Don’t be scared to use wood in multiple rooms. The more wood, the more rustic and nostalgic it will feel.

Natural Lighting

If you’re designing a home, you’re going to want to showcase it. Let nature do the work for you. Natural light matters most in the kitchen and living space, especially if they are smaller areas. Big windows with tons of natural light shining through opens up any space, making it seem bigger than it is. To complete the look, add rustic light fixtures. Light fixtures are a necessity, but when dressed up in a rustic fashion, it can bring an element of farmhouse decor to any space.

Details, Details, Details

To really achieve the farmhouse look, you have to make it seem like it was simple to implement. Paint your walls with a semi-monotone color and add small pops of color and decorative pieces that wow. Wall hangings, old books, vases and anything wood are the perfect finishing touches to your farmhouse style.

If deciding on a farmhouse style, keep these pointers in mind. Always remember, it’s all in the details!