How to Incorporate Millwork Into Your Home

Millwork building materials are historically any woodmill-produced building construction interior-finish, exterior-finish, or decorative components.

Millwork is a great way to incorporate beautiful wood detail into your home. But where can you add this detail into your space? With a little help from our Industry partner, Allegheny Millwork, and our talented designers of ASID PA West, we’re bringing you a list of the best places to add millwork into your home.


One of the most popular places to add millwork is on the seam where the wall meets the ceiling. Cornice is among the most popular choice of moulding due to its variety of sizes and design patterns.

Another way to incorporate millwork into your ceiling is by adding a ceiling medallion either alone, or around your light fixture. Ceiling medallions come in all sizes and shapes, and range from simple to elaborate designs.


When doors are installed, decorative moulding is used to cover the gaps between the door frame and walls. Adding a decorative moulding above all of your doors is a great way to tie in all of your rooms if you use the same pattern throughout


Just like like decorative moulding around doors, baseboards are used to hide gaps where the wall and floor meet. In the past, baseboards were usually composed of three parts: the shoe, baseboard, and cap. Today, baseboards come in one piece to provide a cleaner, sleeker look. Baseboards can be as plain or as decorative as you want, and are available in various widths.


Add character to your windows with a pediment above the window. Not only does this generate character to your window, but it also adds durability and is a great way to hide unwanted gaps that are leftover from installation.

Have you decided where you’re going to add millwork? Talk to the experts at Allegheny Millwork where you’ll get the highest standard of quality, value and service.

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