How to Take Care of Your Wooden Pieces This Winter

Pennsylvania is no stranger to harsh winter months. And with the blistering weather slowly approaching, it’s best to take care of your wooden pieces before the cold hits. With help from our Industry Sponsor, Allegheny Millwork, learn how to protect your wooden pieces from winter damage.


Your front door acts as a focal point on your home’s exterior, so it’s vital to keep it in tip-top-shape if you want to maintain curb appeal. Check your front door for any damage that may have occurred over the summer and fall months, even if it was protected by a screen door. Ensure there is not water damage, for it may worsen during the colder months.

Clean both sides of your wooden door thoroughly. But make sure when washing your door, you are using a gentle cleaning solution. Using hard chemicals can break down and destroy wood. If you need help choosing a cleaner, contact Allegheny Millwork. Their millwork experts can provide you with recommendations on cleaning solutions.

Exterior Furniture

Typically, wooden patio furniture comes with a protective sealant. This sealant is to help prevent and protect the furniture against any moisture damage. If your wooden furniture does not have the correct sealant, it could begin to rot or in the frigid months, begin to crack.

If your patio furniture is not protected with the right sealant, bring your furniture indoors and store it in a room temperature, dry area. If your wooden patio furniture is correctly sealed, we still recommend covering it with a protective tarp to keep the snow from seeping in.


Nothing quite compares to the beauty of natural hardwood floors. But in order to keep it’s beauty, you need to maintain them during the harsh winter months. It’s inevitable that when you step outside in the rain or snow, you’re going to be bringing it back with you on the bottom of your shoes when you come home. The moment you walk in your door, you should be taking your shoes off to avoid scratches from salt residue and debris. But we know it’s easier said than done when you’re in a rush. Use rugs right in your entryway so you can at least brush the bottoms of your shoes off. And if you do end up tracking water and debris through your home, we recommend sweeping your floors frequently and absorbing water immediately to help prevent any damage that may occur.

For more ways to prevent damage from your wooden pieces and how to care for them properly, contact Allegheny Millwork.