Organizing with Style

No matter how big your living space is, it always seems like you’re running out of room. Over the years we tend to bring in items that become forgotten as more and more things get piled on top of them, creating clutter and disorganization. If there was a way to not only bring organization to a space, but also a sense of style, would you do it?

Check out these easy and stylish ways to add organization and storage to different rooms in your home!

Home Office

If you spend a majority of your time behind a desk, it’s probably not the most organized space in your home. Create a clipboard wall that is practical for organizing papers, yet stylish. For a pop of color and a statement piece, try adding different patterns of card stock to each clipboard.

To free up some space on your desk, use metal pencil holders that can clip to the side of our desk. Not only can you use these holders for pencils, pens, scissors, and other office supplies, you could also put a small vase in them to add some florals! If you really want to get creative, try color coordinating your pencils and pens to have a uniformed look.


Before you even get started with organizing, you need to declutter. Get rid of all unnecessary items and only keep the ones you actually use - those lonely, unmatched socks aren’t going to throw themselves out.

Hide out-of-season clothing or extra linens with flat storage bins that can slide in and out underneath the bed. If you want to add storage as a statement piece, try finding a bed frame that has built in storage already included. Not only is it functional, but fashionable too!

Use large baskets to stash away decorative pillows and throw blankets when they aren’t being used. For a decorative statement, try layering in the items and mix up the textures.


The bathroom - one of the easiest places in your home to make a mess. Between hair brushes, blow dryers, makeup and everything in between, it’s hard to keep everything in order. But what if there was a way to not only keep them in order, but also make statement pieces out of them?

For items like q-tips, cotton balls, and makeup brushes, try a DIY hanging mason jar organizer. Now you can free up room on the sink, and keep everything in one place!

Looking for a new way to store your makeup? Try hanging a framed piece of sheet metal, and attach adhesive magnets to the back of your makeup products. No more digging through drawers and makeup bags to find your mascara!


We all have them - the kitchen junk drawer. While most of us think it’s an “organized mess”, chances are, it’s not. Get your junk drawer in tip-top shape by using adjustable dividers. These dividers are ideal for those oddball items that seem to wander off and get lost in the bottom of the drawer.

Want to add double storage space in your cupboards? Use multi-tiered stackable shelves to store away different items. Never have to search for the right Tupperware lid again!

Paint one of the walls in your kitchen with chalkboard paint for a full sized grocery list. Not only is this a great reminder for all the items you need at the store, but when you mix up different colors and fonts, it acts as wall decor! The best part? You can create and erase over and over!

With these organizing tips and tricks, your home will be clutter-free and stylish! Not ready to tackle this challenge on your own? Not a problem! Contact one of our pros to help!