Picking the Right Paint Color

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” - Pablo Picasso

From the intense color of red, to the calming shades of blue, each color has it’s own defined personality. When choosing colors for your home, you tend to lean towards picking the colors that match your personality. However, picking the right paint color is an art, as room color can influence thoughts and emotions.

If you don’t know what energy each color or shade provokes, it’s OK. Our sponsor, and paint experts at PPG Paints can help you choose which paint is right for your home.

But, if you want to do some research before heading into PPG Paints, check out our helpful guide on how each color can affect each room.


Red is the boldest color and is known to raise the energy level in a room. The color red is recommended for a living or dining room since it draws people together and encourages conversation. Avoid using red in bedrooms, as the color raises blood pressure and heart rate.

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A vibrant, bright orange gives off the energy of excitement and enthusiasm. In ancient cultures, the color orange was believed to increase energy levels and heal the lungs. With that in mind, orange is a great paint choice for an exercise room. Since the color orange brings a high level of energy, you should stay away from using it in living rooms and bedrooms if you are trying to create a calming space.

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Just like the sun, the color yellow promotes happiness. Kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and entryways are the perfect walls to be painted with this vibrant color as it is energizing and uplifting. Although a cheery color, yellow should not be used for a main color scheme. Large amounts of yellow creates feelings of frustration and anger.

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One of the most versatile colors, green is considered to be a calming shade when used as a main color. In a kitchen, green cools things down, while in a living room, green promotes warmth and comfort.

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Recommended for bedrooms, the color blue brings a calming effect, bringing down blood pressure and slowing the heart rate. However, darker blues tend to have the opposite effect on people, for dark blue brings on a feeling of sadness. Avoid using dark blue as a main color scheme and use it as an accent instead.

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Purple brings vibes of luxury and creativity. When used as an accent, purple adds depth. Lighter shades of purple brings a restful energy to a room without feeling cold.

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Neutrals include black, grey, white, and brown, and are a staple to all designers. When working with neutrals, you can add pops of color for a lively room, or add more neutrals to tone it down.

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